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Wisdom Tooth Extraction: AC Comprehensive Guide


The idea of wisdom tooth extraction may elicit a mixture of excitement and apprehension. First Family Dental El Paso is a beacon of knowledge and assistance. Let’s go over the full wisdom tooth extraction process, from pre-operative planning to the operation and post-operative care, to ensure you’re well informed and prepared for this common dental procedure.

Your dentist in Far East El Paso will give you special pre-operative instructions before you have your wisdom tooth out. This may include fasting instructions, medication instructions, and information about what to expect on the day of the procedure. It is critical to follow these instructions to guarantee a smooth and successful extraction.

Our dentists in East Side will greet you for the wisdom teeth extraction. Before the procedure, you’ll receive anesthesia for comfort. With specialized tools, your dentist will gently remove the wisdom teeth. After extraction, the site will be thoroughly cleaned, and stitches may be applied if needed. Your dentist will give you post-operative care instructions to facilitate a speedy recovery.

Following post-operative care instructions is vital for a smooth recovery after wisdom teeth extraction. Use over-the-counter or prescribed pain relief, apply cold packs to reduce swelling, and gently brush your teeth, avoiding the extraction site on the first day. Follow your dentist’s guidance for rinsing with warm salt water, maintain a soft diet, and give yourself time to rest, avoiding strenuous activities.

Trust First Family Dental El Paso if you need wisdom teeth extraction or complete dental care services in El Paso, Texas. Contact us today to arrange your appointment and receive dental care that exceeds your expectations. 

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