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What Are the Possible Causes of Tooth Loss?


Each one of us wants to keep a perfect set of teeth to be able to continue flashing that beautiful smile. However, there are instances when some of us lose a tooth or teeth due to some factors which can affect the way we eat, smile, and our overall oral health. If we want to keep our teeth longer, we should also keep caring for them as recommended by dental care experts like the dentists in East Side. Read on to know some of the factors that contribute to tooth loss.

  • Periodontitis
    Periodontitis is considered among the top causes of tooth loss. The buildup of plaque, bacteria, and tartar on our teeth results in inflammation or toothache as well as infection that may spread under the gum and results in bone and teeth loss when severe. This condition is very common as approximately 70% of seniors 65 and above, as well as 47% of adults aged 30 and above, have some kind of periodontal disease.
  • Tooth decay
    Tooth decay, otherwise known as dental caries (cavities) is another top cause of tooth loss. Similar to periodontal disease, it is caused by bacteria in our mouth. These kinds of bacteria mount up in sticky plaque on our teeth and live off the sugars in our diet. Due to this, these bacteria produce acids that can break down our teeth. If untreated, big portions of our teeth will be damaged resulting in tooth fracture, pain, and tooth loss, if severe, as warned by dental care professionals such as the dentist in Far East El Paso.
  • Trauma
    Periodontitis, as well as tooth decay, are very preventable. However, accidents can happen. Our teeth can be knocked off, such as in sports or when we chew hard food. In any case, we must know how to deal with dental emergencies and seek help from our dental care provider right away.

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