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Signs You May Be Needing Dentures


When you’re young, you’re most likely to not be thinking about whether you need to wear dentures or not. In fact, some people do not even think about making a visit to their trusted dentist in Far East El Paso because they think they have had healthy teeth since they were young. However, needing dentures is not just for the aged. and it’s also not entirely because you lost a tooth. Here are some signs you may have to watch out for.

  • You Have Periodontal Disease

    If you have periodontal disease, a serious gum infection, it can cause soft tissue damage. It can even damage the bone that helps support your teeth. However, the earlier you set an appointment with dentists in East Side, or wherever you may be, you won’t have to end up having to wear dentures. Make sure to have it treated early.

  • You Have Bleeding Gums

    Bleeding gums are usually an early sign of gum disease. However, gum diseases are usually best treated with proper brushing or specialized mouthwashes. However, if left untreated, it will become serious and will lead to other gum diseases which make the bone supporting your teeth weaker.

  • You Have Teeth Loss

    No matter how much you take care of your teeth with proper teeth cleaning techniques, if you have lost a tooth or teeth, you may have to get dentures. Otherwise, you might end up losing the rest.

Taking care of your teeth is essential and if it means you have to wear dentures to take care of them, we advise you to do so. Watch out for these signs or ask us at First Family Dental El Paso. We provide dental care services in El Paso, Texas. Call us today.

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