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Comprehending Dental Caries (Tooth Decay)


When our tooth’s surface, commonly known as enamel is attacked by acids produced by decay-causing bacteria in our mouth, this can result in a small hole in our tooth known as a cavity. If dental caries (tooth decay) is not treated, it can result in infection, pain, as well as tooth loss. This can affect individuals of all ages, starting from childhood until older adult years. Read on to know some of the essential information about dental caries as shared by dental care professionals such as the dentists in East Side.

  • Causes of dental caries
    An acid is formed when decay-causing bacteria make contact with sugars as well as starches contained in foods and drinks. Our tooth’s enamel is then attacked by this particular acid that makes it lose minerals. This can occur if we usually eat or drink, particularly those foods and drinks that have sugar and starches. Our enamel will keep on losing minerals in these repetitive cycles causing our enamel to weaken and then be damaged, resulting in a cavity. We can ask for advice from our dental care provider like the dentist in Far East El Paso, on how to prevent this dental problem.
  • Symptoms of dental caries
    We don’t often notice any symptoms in the early stage of dental caries. However, as it advances, it results in toothache, or our tooth becomes sensitive to sweets, cold or hot. An abscess may develop that can result in pain, facial swelling as well as fever.
  • Diagnosis
    Dental caries can be diagnosed during our regular dental check-ups. Early tooth decay may appear like a white spot on our tooth. When it becomes more advanced, the spot becomes darker, or there will be a hole in our tooth. It’s also possible for our dentist to check our teeth for areas that are soft as well as sticky, or opt to take an x-ray, which can determine decay.
  • Treating dental caries
    In treating cavities, dentists normally fill them. Our dental care provider will take away the decayed tooth tissue, then restore our tooth through the use of filling material to fill the cavity.

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